Rough Raw Mica Crystal


Protection, Insomnia, Memory, Concentration, Self-Reflection, Cleansing, Insecurities, Self-Doubt, Astral Travel


Chakras: Crow, Third Eye, Heart


Mica is a group of minerals that can come in different forms, two we feature here are Muscovite and Schist forms.


Mica is a hater blocker. It shields its user from jealousy, anger, psychic attacks and other forms of negative energy. Mica’s reflective properties also inspire true, non-judgmental introspection. Mica allows us to block negativity not only from the outside, but from within so that we may deal with the negative traits that attract drama, chaos, and negativity into our lives. This allows us to do away with traits we do not want and embrace the ones we would like to maintain.


Mica is helpful for sleep-related issues such as insomnia, apnea, and nightmares. It also helps with mood swings, menopause, dehydration, allergies and hunger pangs.



*Crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not intended to be used in lieu of professional healthcare services.